RCG expresses appreciation for ruling in favour of Rastafari students

PRESS RELEASE                                                                1st June, 2021


The Rastafari Council, Ghana wishes to express our profound gratitude for the ruling in favour of the two Rastafari students in the case against  Achimota School and others.

Indeed our ultimate faith in the Constitution of Ghana and the protections guaranteed for the youths was a buffer for us in these trying times.

The RCG would like to assure the good people of Ghana of our unflinching faith in the rule of law.We would like to assure Ghanaians that we will continue to seek redress to any grievances we may have through due process.

We would also like to render our deepest appreciation for the work of our team of lawyers led by Lawyer Wayo Ghanamanti. In the same breath we also salute Her Lordship Gifty Addo for her fortitude in defending the provisions of the 1992 Constitution.

We would like to express our joy at the ruling of the Human Rights Commission Court.

Finally, as we look forward to Tyrone Maghuy and Oheneba Nkrabeah resuming their studies in the school of their choice, it has come to our notice that the school will appeal the case.

Once again, we are confident that the rule of law will prevail and the Constitution will prove supreme.

Thank you.

Ahuma Bosco Ocansey

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