Advocacy Commission expresses gratitude to parliament for passing NACOC Bill

The Advocacy Commission of the Rastafari Council, Ghana (RCG) wishes to express its
gratitude to Parliament and all stakeholders for successfully passing the Narcotics Bill for the
industrial cultivation of hemp. The bill recognizes the medicinal value of hemp and its
economic benefits in the area of job creation. According to experts if managed well the
cannabis industry in Ghana can employ thousands of youths and can bring in a lot of needed
revenue to the country.
However, the Rastafari Council, Ghana wishes to bring to the attention of those responsible
in framing the Legislative Instrument (LI) to give priority to the licensing of local farmers who
have suffered persecution over the years, instead of making it very difficult for them to
acquire licenses.
The commission also recommends that the government, private enterprises as well as
international investors should invest in value addition like granting permission to create
factories and processing plants to buy the raw materials from local out-growers.
This in our humble view will ensure that a substantial portion of the profits made in this
fledgling industry will be retained in the country and will benefit both the government and by
extension, not just the farmers but also the wider community.
Thank you for your attention and we hope to make further input as the need arises.

Khex Pongo

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